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Jochen Siepmann

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About Jochen Siepmann

Jochen has been working in the Finance Industry for more than 20 years across Europe and Asia in various management positions. As such he is well versed with numbers, people management and investments. He is now an investor, trainer, mentor and author of two books.

Jochen has earned a Banking Specialist Diploma, a Post-graduate Diploma in Global Finance from the University of Hong Kong, is a certified Project Management Professional and certified Master Coach.

After his successful corporate career Jochen has turned entrepreneur and launched his own training and coaching company. His main focus areas are Peak Performance and Property Investing programs. Jochen has been investing in properties for more than 25 years and owns houses, condominiums and commercial property in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany and the UK.

He now generously and passionately shares his vast knowledge, experience and expertise with his clients so they too can enjoy a passive income that sets them financially free and enables to have potentially retire early, take care of their family and have more time available.




I worked with Jochen from 2010 to 2012, during that time he continually showed himself to be top class business manager with a very diligent approach and eye for detail.

Paul Bains, Vice President at Credit Suisse

Ever since I first met Jochen I have been very impressed with his enthusiasm, his drive to take action for himself and his clients, and his determination to help his clients to exceed the results they want.

Keith Blakemore-Noble, The Confidence Alchemist and Author of Two #1 Bestselling Books

It has been a pleasure working with Jochen. He’s knowledge in his are of work. Helpful, prompt and accurate.

Patricia Yeo, ENO

I have known Jochen as a skilled project manager who ensures that tasks assigned to him are executed efficiently and with minimal oversight. He is diligent in completing hi specific goals on time and as per required quality.

Raju Nanduri, Vice President, Credit Suisse, IT

Jochen is a great action-taker, both for himself as well as on behalf of his clients and always delivers as much value to them as possible.

Calvin Coyles, CEO Brightlights Group and Australian “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” award winner 2013

I always have enjoyed my interactions with Jochen. He is very committed, reliable and is always striving to deliver the absolutely best value to his clients.

Christopher Howard, CEO RockHouse Global and Founder of Next Generation NLP


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